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Master Class: Getting to Know Marvel’s New Lineup of Superheroes

Marvel's Kevin Feige announces Phase Three of the MCU
No less than nine new movies are on the slate for Marvel’s Phase Three plans, with four of those films introducing new superheroes! // Photo Source: Disney Sisters

There’s no doubt that kids everywhere are enamored with superhero movies, and the intrepid people over at Marvel Studios has certainly paved the way to introducing characters that have now become modern pop culture icons. From the impressive assembly of allied superheroes called the Avengers to the newly established ragtag band of intergalactic misfits that comprise the Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel continues to expand their ever-increasing cinematic universe with new names that they hope to inspire the same amount of adoration among their core audience.

And with the recent announcement of their future slate of films, kids will be introduced to a host of unfamiliar superheroes that might take a considerable amount of time doing some dutiful research (via the internet or reading the original comic source material). So who are the new faces that kids will encounter for Phase Three of Marvel’s epic movie lineup? Click on the cut below to get a brief overview on the next generation of Marvel superheroes.

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World-Building Inside “Big Hero 6” and “The Hunger Games”

Big Hero 6 and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay
Get to know the eccentric team of Big Hero 6 (top) and the various District citizens of Panem in The Hunger Games (below)

Two big films aimed for kids and teens are ready to be released this November, and the marketing for both movies provide an extraordinary and imaginative view into their respective fictional universes. I am, of course, talking about Disney’s Big Hero 6 and Lionsgate’s The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1.

While both movies are different in terms of plot and characters, the one common denominator they both share is that they are set in an alternate distant future. The settings of these two worlds are so vast in scope and rich in detail that building a far-fetched yet believable world is perhaps a challenge that the production teams of Big Hero 6 and The Hunger Games took on with gusto. Perhaps it was fitting that the teaser videos released by the studios offer additional insight on what the future looks like from the perspective of the characters inhabiting a completely imaginary world.

In Big Hero 6, the main protagonist is introduced to an eccentric and racially diverse bunch of smart whizzkids possessing certain talents, as well as an unusually designed and charmingly precocious robot. In The Hunger Games, the audience is given unprecedented access into several unexplored districts of Panem via the government-sanctioned TV network of The Capitol. See the teasers below and you might find yourself getting excited to watch both movies with your children when they premiere next month!

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