Master Class: Getting to Know Marvel’s New Lineup of Superheroes

Marvel's Kevin Feige announces Phase Three of the MCU
No less than nine new movies are on the slate for Marvel’s Phase Three plans, with four of those films introducing new superheroes! // Photo Source: Disney Sisters

There’s no doubt that kids everywhere are enamored with superhero movies, and the intrepid people over at Marvel Studios has certainly paved the way to introducing characters that have now become modern pop culture icons. From the impressive assembly of allied superheroes called the Avengers to the newly established ragtag band of intergalactic misfits that comprise the Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel continues to expand their ever-increasing cinematic universe with new names that they hope to inspire the same amount of adoration among their core audience.

And with the recent announcement of their future slate of films, kids will be introduced to a host of unfamiliar superheroes that might take a considerable amount of time doing some dutiful research (via the internet or reading the original comic source material). So who are the new faces that kids will encounter for Phase Three of Marvel’s epic movie lineup? Click on the cut below to get a brief overview on the next generation of Marvel superheroes.

Photo Source: Makhol

Who Is He: Ant-Man

What’s His Real Name: Scott Lang

What’s His Superpower: Physical shrinkage and insect telepathy, among others.

What’s His Backstory: In the original comics, Scott Lang is the second person to assume the role of Ant-Man, and was a petty criminal. The original Ant-Man—Dr. Hank Pym, who created the technology that made him into a superhero—encouraged Lang to reform and became his mentor in order for the persona of Ant-Man to continue fighting crime.


Doctor Strange
Photo Source: Sci-Fi Now

Who Is He: Doctor Strange

What’s His Real Name: Stephen Vincent Strange

What’s His Superpower: Magic and martial arts, among others

What’s His Backstory: In the original comics, Doctor Strange started out as a brilliant but highly egotistical neurosurgeon where a fateful car accident damages both his hands. Desperate to recover from his physical loss, he encounters a powerful hermit who gives him a second chance by teaching him the mystical art of magic which ultimately transformed him into a crime-fighting superhero.


Black Panther
Photo Source: Afritorial

Who Is He: Black Panther

What’s His Real Name: T’Challa

What’s His Superpower: Superhuman senses and strengths, among others

What’s His Backstory: In the original comics, the title of Black Panther is actually a ceremonial title given to the royal heirs of the fictional African nation of Wakanda. T’Challa is a prince born to King T’Chaka and his first wife, N’Yami. After his father’s death, T’Challa earned the title of Black Panther after successfully completing challenging tasks that would allow him to assume the role.


Captain Marvel
Photo Source: Moviepilot

Who Is She: Captain Marvel

What’s Her Real Name: Carol Danvers

What’s Her Superpower: Superhuman strength and flight, among others

What’s Her Backstory: In the original comics, Carol Danvers is a ranking officer of the US Air Force and through the fateful explosion of an alien device, she recovers and finds out that she has acquired superpowers that blends her human DNA with that of a very powerful extraterrestrial race called the Kree. She then steps out as a superheroine who defends the Earth from evil invaders in the galaxy.


The Inhumans
Photo Source: YouTube

Who Are They: The Inhumans

Who Are The Members: Lineup varies, but most members reside in Attilan, their home city which has no fixed location.

What Are Their Superpowers: Superhuman capabilities and extended lifespan, among others.

What’s Their Backstory: In the original comics, the Inhumans are a race of superhumans that were given special alien modifications and enhancements to give them unique powers. The main series that carries the title usually centers around the escapades of the Inhuman Royal Family, of which the group currently consists of eight members led by their ruler named Black Bolt, who is able to produce a highly destructive force using his voice.


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