World-Building Inside “Big Hero 6” and “The Hunger Games”

Big Hero 6 and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay
Get to know the eccentric team of Big Hero 6 (top) and the various District citizens of Panem in The Hunger Games (below)

Two big films aimed for kids and teens are ready to be released this November, and the marketing for both movies provide an extraordinary and imaginative view into their respective fictional universes. I am, of course, talking about Disney’s Big Hero 6 and Lionsgate’s The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1.

While both movies are different in terms of plot and characters, the one common denominator they both share is that they are set in an alternate distant future. The settings of these two worlds are so vast in scope and rich in detail that building a far-fetched yet believable world is perhaps a challenge that the production teams of Big Hero 6 and The Hunger Games took on with gusto. Perhaps it was fitting that the teaser videos released by the studios offer additional insight on what the future looks like from the perspective of the characters inhabiting a completely imaginary world.

In Big Hero 6, the main protagonist is introduced to an eccentric and racially diverse bunch of smart whizzkids possessing certain talents, as well as an unusually designed and charmingly precocious robot. In The Hunger Games, the audience is given unprecedented access into several unexplored districts of Panem via the government-sanctioned TV network of The Capitol. See the teasers below and you might find yourself getting excited to watch both movies with your children when they premiere next month!

First up, we have Disney’s CG-animated superhero extravaganza based on a little-known team under the Marvel Comics imprint.

Big Hero 6: Meet Baymax

When you think of robots, you might imagine something that’s designed to be sharp, metallic, angular, and rigid. Not so much with Baymax—who breaks all the rules when it comes to the idea of movie robots.


Big Hero 6: Meet Honey Lemon

Who says girls can’t be feminine and be passionate about science at the same time? Chemistry enthusiast Honey Lemon mixes up an impressive chemical cocktail that explodes a big ball of metal in a powdery burst of color.


Big Hero 6: Meet Wasabi

Creating powerful lasers that can cut apples into paper-thin slices is a no-brainer for laser specialist Wasabi, who believes there’s a place for everything, and that everything should be in its right place.


Big Hero 6: Meet GoGo

Tough and sassy, GoGo is a no-nonsense gal who has the need for speed by applying her knowledge of electromagnetic technology and infusing it into simple modes of transportation like bikes.


Big Hero 6: Meet Fred

At first glance, you might think that Fred stands out from the rest of the team considering his slacker status. But don’t be fooled, because there’s more to this funny guy than meets the eye.

And over yonder at Lionsgate Films, the studio has produced a series of featurettes that depict the lives of various District citizens in the fictional nation of Panem based on author Suzanne Collins’ bestselling trilogy of books.

Capitol TV District Voices: Shane Fazen of District 2

District 2 of Panem is known for their masonry skills, but their citizens are better known with providing the highly-trained military force of the Capitol. In this exclusive Capitol TV clip, a senior Peacekeeper training officer exhibits the necessary combat skills trainees are expected to learn as part of their intense regimen.


Capitol TV District Voices: Derek Muller of District 5

The source of illumination in Panem stems from the heart of District 5, an important province that supplies the nation’s electrical power. Capitol TV visits a massive solar power plant to interview a chief energy researcher, where he explains another way of generating electricity using not the sun, but that of water.


Capitol TV District Voices: Justine Ezarik of District 6

The futuristic modes of transportation within Panem could not be possible without the people of District 6. For this special feature, a district liaison to the Capitol invites viewers to witness the debut of a brand new vehicle to be used by the Peacekeepers, and how the massive truck performs in simulated warfare action.


Capitol TV District Voices: Rob Czar and Corinne Leigh of District 8

The nation of Panem would not have a single stitch to wear if not for the textiles provided by District 8. And resourcefulness is a defining trait of its citizens, as Capitol TV notes from two talented fashion designers who have created a Capitol-worthy look created out of extra materials used to create Peacekeeper uniforms.


Capitol TV District Voices: Jimmy Wong and Ashley Adams of District 9

As one of the key food regions of Panem, District 9 specializes in the production of grain. Capitol TV takes an inside look into this area where two pastry chefs offer a mouthwatering cooking demonstration where they transform their local ingredients into a confection honoring District 12 tribute and victor, Peeta Mellark.


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