Totes Adorbs: When Kids Go Viral Online

Kids React on YouTube
Magic happens when cute and funny videos of kids go viral on the Internet. // Photo Source: YouTube

There’s no denying that kids are definitely adorable and even more so when their precocious innocence and unfiltered sense of youth gets recorded on camera. But when such cute antics go viral online? That makes for instant Internet sensations that netizens are sure to gush over with glee. Take a look at some of these super cute kids who have made their mark on YouTube with their unscripted moments of hilarity.

High Five for First Kiss

Who says that you need to be a bit older to get your first kiss? Charming and evoking a playful sense of puppy love, these two best friends are simply an irresistible pair!


Chloe Side-Eyes Older Sister Lily

When Lily cries with tears of joy upon the surprise news of going to Disneyland again, an unexpected reaction from her younger sibling, Chloe, takes home the viral star prize.


“Apparently” Kid

This news clip of a young boy being interviewed by a local reporter during a neighborhood event has all the makings of a viral video due to the kid’s repetitive use of a certain word that elicits some cute laughs.


Little Girl Walks on Ice for the First Time

Viral videos are generally short in length, but this 16-second clip packs a lot of funny punches as a tiny toddler swathed in bulky pink winter garments realizes that ice is not a good surface to walk on.


Freaking Out Over Flu Shot

Kids always deliver the best reactions for any situation, and this normal trip to the doctor gets a rather comical turn when a young girl is confronted with having to take her flu shot.


LIttle Boy Wants to be a Single Lady

The worst thing you can do to a child is to crush their hopes and dreams, as this father learned the hard way when he told a boy that he can’t channel his inner Beyonce.


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