Eye-Popping Chalk Art Inspirations for Your Artistic Kids

Sidewalk Chalk Art
Encourage your child to take his or her chalk art skills to the next level this summer! // Photo Source: BuzzFeed

If ever you’re a parent who has a very creative child on your hands, then you’re likely to have a home filled with a rotating gallery of art pieces proudly made by your intrepid little artist. Now that summer is upon us, you might want to have your artistic child expand his or her horizons by making colorful scenes on your neighborhood sidewalks using chalk. Kids love to draw on concrete paths using brightly colored sticks of chalk, and they can conjure up something as simple as a hopscotch grid to a whimsical rendering of their favorite cartoon character.

So if you want your child’s chalk art skills to improve, have your son or daughter take a look at these incredible works of sidewalk art done by talented artists from around the world. Using a visual technique known as anamorphosis—where the finished output needs to be viewed at a certain angle to achieve a three-dimensional visual effect—your kid will certainly be inspired to take his or her chalk art to the next level!

Just because its summer doesn’t mean your child’s chalk art piece can’t be cool as ice… just like this stunning piece from artist Edgar Mueller.

And who said chalk art is limited to outdoor spaces? Artist Joe Hill proves that this humble medium can be executed on the floors of massive lobbies inside buildings like the example seen below.

Taking a flat art form such as chalk and transforming it into something three-dimensional requires plenty of practice, and artist Leon Keer is a chalk art extraordinaire in this aspect.

Highly detailed chalk art—when done perfectly—can also trick your senses that you’re immersed in a precarious scenario, like this astonishing piece by Julian Beever.

And not all chalk art is static—it can also be very fun and dynamic as what artist collective Shynola did for the fanciful music video of Coldplay’s summery track, Strawberry Swing.


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