Sun Safety Tips for Kids This Summer

Kids just love to play under the sun!
Kids just love to play under the sun!
Image Source: NorthShore Kids

Sun’s up! Kids are out of school and the best form of recreation for them is to go outside and play. Whether they’ll be at the beach or simply by the nearby playground, they’re bound to take the time to enjoy the vacation!

But of course, they need to be protected by the burning heat of the sun. Below are a few tips your kids may need to follow to protect them from the searing heat.

  1. Let your kids stay in the shade.

If there is a tree, cottage, or similar source of shade nearby, advise your children to stay there for the most part. Don’t let them stay under the sun for hours on end as, obviously, it can be damaging to their skin and may conditions such as sunburn or skin cancer.

  1. Dress kids accordingly.

When at the beach, rash guards work best. In a casual setting, caps and sunglasses are your friend. If it’s not too hot, thin long-sleeved shirts will also protect your child’s skin from the scorching heat of the summer sun.

  1. Apply sunscreen properly.

Rub sunscreen on the parts of your child’s body that are the most exposed to the sun. Some of these are easy to miss, so take note. It’s best to not risk sunburn or any sort of condition that would damage your child’s delicate skin. Sunscreen brands with 30 SPF are your best bet during extended periods of playing outside.

  1. Set a certain schedule for playtime.

Outdoor activities between 10 AM and 4 PM should be limited. UV rays are the strongest during this period and it wouldn’t be a good idea to go play outside during then. As with the first tip, find some shade and let your kids stay there for the majority of their time in the sun.

  1. Set a good example.

Of course, children need a role model. For you and your child’s sake, follow the necessary precautions. Apply sunscreen, stay in the shade, and dress up in sun-protective clothing. You’re not only setting a good example—you’re also protecting yourself from severe but preventable skin conditions.

If you’re going outside with your kids, always remember to take the necessary precautions. That way, your child’s playtime will be fun and enjoyable without any serious repercussions from the sun.

If you don’t want to risk going out in the sun, why not watch a movie instead?

For additional information, visit the American Cancer Society website.


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