Summer Activities for Fathers and Sons

If you're a dad, bonding with your son is absolutely essential!
If you’re a dad, bonding with your son is absolutely essential!
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Since Father’s Day is coming and it’s the summer, it would be great for kids to be able to spend their time with their dads!

And I’m here to present a few activities fathers can do with their sons! These activities are timeless to the point where they’ve been treated as traditions. Ready to start? Here we go!


  1. Grilling

Up for some barbecue? Grilling may well be the perfect activity a father may engage in with his son! Show your son how to pick the perfect steak and let him learn how to cut the meat. Teach him how to grill and how to know if the meat’s been cooked.

Additionally, here’s a video about grilling which may help:

  1. Gaming

Gaming isn’t just for kids—adults can enjoy a good video game too! And I’m sure your son will appreciate if you’d join him in playing video games. Family-friendly titles work best for bonding. I’m sure you both with have a lot of fun playing games!

Here are a few titles you might want to check out:

  • Super Smash Brothers Brawl (Wii U)
  • Mario Kart (Wii U)
  • Wii Sports
  • Just Dance (Xbox 360/One)
  • Kinect Sports (Xbox 360/One)
  • Forza Motorsports (Xbox 360/One)
  • Little Big Planet (PS3)
  • Katamari Forever (PS3)
  1. Road trip

Drive your son to the countryside and enjoy the view. Both of you should try seeing places, new and old, from a moving vehicle. It’s an enjoyable, relaxing habit both of you will treasure.

Make sure you’ve got a solid budget for the trip and see to it that your ride is up to shape. Make sure you have some entertainment inside the vehicle, lest your son gets bored. Games and the like will do. And most importantly, make sure both of you have the time of your lives!

  1. Camping out

A good father and son activity would be to camp out somewhere, either in the woods or your own backyard! Pitch a tent or just try sleeping out in the open if the weather permits!

  1. Sports

Playing sports with your son is a classic way to bond. Play basketball or soccer with your little boy and teach him the fundamentals and different skills and maneuvers he needs to learn. Later on, he might pose as a challenge to you!

So if you’re a dad off to spend time with your son, try out any of the activities above! Enjoy!


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