Outdoor Activities for Kindergarteners

Why should kindergarteners stay indoors when there’s a whole world for them to explore outside? Being able to do things outdoors is a refreshing experience for children!

And here I am once again, giving you some thoughts and ideas on what activities to do with your kindergartener outdoors!

  1. Bug-hunting

It may seem gross, but bug hunting is a good way to learn about both the flora and fauna of the outside world. Take a chance to learn more about the creepy critters and examining them as you and your kid use your nets to catch some bugs!

  1. Rock-painting

You see rocks along the garden? Excellent. Grab some materials and paint elaborate designs on them. Don’t be afraid to get artistic and messy—it’s a great experience for both of you. In the end, your painted rocks might just look good by the garden!

  1. Gardening

Speaking of gardens, how about you and your kindergartener do a bit of planting? Flowers, shrubs, herbs—you name it! Have your child learn the value of plants and why they’re very special to us. Also, as the vegetables being planted grow, you and your kindergartener will have a very abundant harvest.

  1. Fruit-picking

And on that note, if there are fruit trees nearby, let your child try his or her hand at picking ripe, abundant fruits. Don’t be afraid to dig in as you pick the reddest, ripest apple along a nearby orchard. But make sure that the owner knows you and your child are picking fruits; otherwise, you’d be in trouble!

  1. Hiking

There’s a path and there’s the two of you. What a great opportunity to go hiking! Experience the view and scenery with your kindergartener. Both of you will love it.

Are you ready to bond with your kindergartener? Then what are you waiting for? Go outside and feel the great outdoors!


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