Fun Ways for Preschoolers to Learn!

Learning is a tedious process for a lot of children, especially preschoolers who have yet to discover the value of learning before entering primary school.

So how do we teach them to love learning?  By making learning more fun for them! Here are some ideas which you may incorporate in the preschool environment!

  1. Going outside and observe the flora and fauna

boyBeetle_1605229cChildren don’t really have to go anywhere far from the school. A yard where insects are at is the perfect place to learn more about them. This creates an opportunity to study different critters up close. Of course, they’d have to be supervised, lest they venture out too far.

  1. Holding quiz bees

spellingcatQuiz bees are enjoyable and they drive students to study in order to win. This makes learning more dynamic and fun, as they dive in to the competitive world. They can use this to their advantage as they answer home works and quizzes back in the classroom.

  1. Making quiz activities more dynamic

Imagine letting your students engage in an adventure, where they answer riddles asked by other chosen students or by teachers. As they progress, they win various prizes which they may be able to use for their studies—aside from getting good grades.

  1. Starting role-playing activities

stk82256corThere are always light-hearted stories in which children can act out. Role playing allows for better comprehension of a certain piece and also develops their imagination (not to mention acting skills) all the same.

Do you have any more ideas which you can add to the list? Why don’t you let us know here? Your insights are well appreciated!


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